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Cover Sleeve (Slipcase)

This page contains a detailed list of all of the features on the cover sleeve.

Front Seal

Middle Seal

S Insignia within a compass

Back Seal

Painting of a ship up close and a single ship in the background / “WHAT BEGINS AT THE WATER SHALL END THERE - AND WHAT ENDS THERE SHALL ONCE MORE BEGIN

Front Cover

Large Stylized S

Top Cover

A series of intricate designs with two birds

Bottom Cover

Series of intricate designs / Barcode (ISBN - 978-0-316-20164-3) / “Also available in audio and ebook editions.| For more about this book and its authors, visit| Slipcase and package copyright (copyright symbol) 2013 Hachette Book Group, Inc. / Twitter Symbol @MULHOLLANDBOOKS / Facebook Symbol MULHOLLANDBOOKS / Mulholland Symbol DOWNLOAD THE FREE MULHOLLAND BOOKS APP.

Side Cover

BAD ROBOT MELCHER MEDIA (written in Blackletter / intricate designs with bird in the center / J.J. Abrams written in Blackletter / Stylized S. / Doug Dorst written in Blackletter / intricate designs with bird in the center / MULHOLLAND BOOKS / Little Brown

Back Cover

$35.00 US | $39.00 CAN / Description of Book / Blurb about J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst / Authors creditials (including Dorst winning Jeopardy three times) / Bad Robot Symbol / Melcher Media Symbol MELCHER.COM / Mulholland Books Symbol MULHOLLANDBOOKS.COM

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