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Inside Cover of "Ship of Theseus"

The novel, designed as a library book, has markings on the inside of the cover, creating front and back material. In the front inside cover there is a red stamp saying “Book for loan,” and on the back of the inside cover is a series of dates the book was checked out from a library. Some of the dates are overlaid to give the illusion that they were put there carelessly by a handheld stamp.

There is a red stamp on the back inside cover warning that borrows should not write in the book, “pencil-marked, written upon, mutilated or unwarrantable defaced, are expected to report it to the librarian.” There are small, round indentations in the paper on the inside cover, loose endsheet, and second to last page that seem to have been made by the lid of a pen or an unsharpened pencil.

The Eotvos decoder wheel can also be found in the inside back cover upon first opening the book, but it kept loose leaf, and is not attached to the inside cover.

On the title page, a purple stamp reveals that the book once belonged in Laguna Verde High School Library.

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