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US: The real-life readers. Once we write our notes, we become part of the conversation, if only to ourselves, yet actively engaged in deciphering the plot. We can solve the mystery, though we do not have the tools to do so. Our markings, accidents, spillage, anything on our books, make it personal, totally and completely ours.

Blogging about S

Outside of a classroom, there are people who take their own time to read and discuss this novel via web forums.

Who is Straka?

James Kassapian has started a blog solving the mystery of Straka himself by gathering clues from within the novel. Though it is not up to date, this is just one example of what other readers out there are contributing to S.


A group of self-proclaimed J.J. Abrams / Bad Robot Production fans running a blog on blogspot that formed back before the book was released in order to solve the mystery of J.J. Abrams' new, purposefully ambiguous project. Their main objective was to accumulate as much information as they could, an overview of which can be found here. After the book was released, the focus of blog shifted to a forum for archival and discussion of questions presented by the book's actual contents.

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