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Hermes Bouchard

The Bouchard company dissolved after WWI and both Hermes and his family became reclusive. 1) Bouchard's wife killed herself a month after the award ceremony where Straka sent a monkey in his place to accept his award and make a mockery of the event. A British newspaper featured a profile on Bouchard which revealed his favorite meal to be ortolan, a bird and an expensive French delicacy that involves a controversial raising and preparation process. The bird is then eaten whole, bones and all.

ARP IS BOUCHARD IS HW – a decoding done by Jen from footnote 5 on page 80.

There is a comparison between Vévoda and the Bouchard empire on page 90. Bouchard controlled much of the media.

Hermes Bouchard is also referenced 2) of Ship of Theseus (book) (misspelled as Hermes Boushard (misspelling by Jen)). Eric notes that not much is known about him except that his company dissolved after World War I and that he was the model for V.M. Straka's antagonist in Wineblood's Mine.

It is noted 3) that Bouchard controlled a lot of the media as well.

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