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Amarante Durand

A French archaeologist, suffragist, and novelist.

According to Eric on page 123, Durand's father was an archaeologist, and she spent most of her childhood on digs, similar to Corbeau, who spent her childhood with her father exploring foothills. Durand soon however became rivals with her father as she discovered Dordogne on her own. Her father died within the year of her discovery of a spider bite in Egypt, which Eric attributes to the “mummy's curse” deaths.

Another candidate for the “true identity” of V.M. Straka.

Jennifer Heyward and Eric Husch conclude that Corbeau is Durand's narrative decoy in Ship of Theseus. Jen and Eric seem less inclined to believe that Durand was Straka than to believe that the two had a close relationship, as indicated by certain highly informed archaeological details and references in Straka's work.

Indicated in some documents supplied by Desjardins, Jen and Eric have reason to suspect Torsten Ekstrom and Durand were in Prauge at the time of Válcav Straka's apparent suicide. Two guests were checked into the Hotel Voliéry under the names Stenfalk and Corbeau and were indicated to have a guest.

She died in 1937 after MacInnes gave up her location to fascists. The circumstances around her death are suspicious.

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