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Reinhold Feuerbach

A German anarchist and polemicist. He is much older than other members of the S group.

Another candidate for the “true identity” of V.M. Straka.

Jen and Eric Husch conclude that Pfeifer is Feuerbach's narrative stand-in in Ship of Theseus.

On page 77, Eric notes that chapter 3 shows that Feuerbach was involved in the Haymarket Bombing before he fled back to Europe. He died in 1940, but those who believe he was Straka said the rest of the books were published posthumously. Jen thinks that Filo wouldn't have fallen for him because there were theories that he was gay, so she doesn't believe he is Straka.

There are implications that he was involved with his protégé, Horst Wechsler, though no confirmation. 1)

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