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Havana Incident

According to F.X. Caldeira's account1): In May 1946, Caldeira received a telegram from V.M. Straka telling her to be at the Hotel San Sebastián in Havana on June 5, where he he would be staying under the pseudonym “S. Fortunas”, promising to deliver to her the manuscript for the tenth and final chapter of Ship of Theseus. This was to have been their first meeting in person.

Caldeira waited for some time before managing to get to Straka's room, where she discovered signs of a violent struggle and was just in time to catch a glimpse from the third story window of two men in police uniform hauling away a body in a blanket, ostensibly Straka.

Rather than following, Caldeira collected what was left of the manuscript.

There is disagreement over whether this story is true, or a hoax in part or whole.

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