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Hotel Voliery

Hotel Voliery is a hotel in Prague that Eric finds a picture of from Desjardins documents, according to marginal notes on page 124. The date says Oct. 30, 1910, which the day Vaclav jumped to his death from the Charles Bridge. The names Ekstrom and Durand are present using the alias's T. Stenfalk and A. Corbeau, and sign in with an unnamed guest. The next day Pfeifer and Ostreto check in. Eric cites this as evidence that Vaclav survived the jump, and Jen asserts that she believes him.

The translated name of the hotel is “The Aviary”. It was a secret meeting place for Straka and his fellow anarchists. Jen and Eric believe that Straka and his companions derived their bird-related nicknames from the hotel's name (165).

Jen adds in the most recent set of marginal notes that the Hotel was torn down.

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