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Ilsa Dirks

Ilsa Dirks is a Ph. D. candidate at Pollard State working alongside Professor Moody who somehow assisted in stealing Eric Husch's work. She is also Jennifer Heyward's TA for her 20th Century Poetry class.

She is Moody's colleague and co-conspirator in the Straka case, and Jen suspects she is having an affair with Professor Moody after she sees the two of them being “friendly” in his office.1) Eric accuses her of not taking his side when he confronted Moody. Eric used to have a romantic relationship with Ilsa. Later notes by Jen and Eric state that Ilsa testified against Jen in a case. Ilsa has an obsession with bird imagery in her academic essays. Both Jen and Eric consider these essays to be shallow and cliche.

Eric persuades Ilsa to drop her accusations of plagiarization against Jen. He also reveals that he and Jen have been working together on Straka's history. He also tells Ilsa that he will give Moody his consent to use his research, and that he is no longer angry at Ilsa (even though he is lying) (397).

pg. 53, Jen's notes in blue
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