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 ====== Ink used by Eric and Jen ====== ====== Ink used by Eric and Jen ======
-__Eric__ +__[[Eric]]__:​
-Pencil -before meeting Jen +
-Black Pen - first meeting Jen +
-Green Pen - +
-Red Pen - +
-Black Pen - Living with Jen+
 +Pencil -before meeting Jen; 15 year-old Eric writing when first reading
 +Black Pen - first meeting Jen; their fist go through with the novel
-__Jen__ +Green Pen - Second Read through, about the middle of their relationship;​ things seem more tense here 
-Blue Pen - first meeting Eric + 
-Yellow Pen -  +Red Pen - Third, maybe final reading of actual book; we get a sense of their relationship as a couple with this ink 
-Purple Pen -  + 
-Black Pen - Living with Eric+Black Pen - Living with Jen; maybe going back to reread old notes 
 +Blue Pen - first meeting Eric; first read through 
 +Yellow Pen - Middle/​second read through; feelings begin to show more tensely this time around 
 +Purple Pen - Last/third read through; clearly in a relationship wit Eric; Jen is also more hopeful here 
 +Black Pen - Living with Eric; possibly reading past notes
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