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Jennifer Heyward

An undergrad. She is helping Eric Husch solve the mystery of V.M. Straka. Working together, she solves her own mystery about Eric and herself. Jen is an undergraduate student at Pollard State University and works in the library. She mentions taking a library science course, and that it helped her become a very adept researcher. She is soon graduating college with no future plans except that her father, “D,” is pushing a marketing position on her.

Jen is struggling with her own name. She seems to want to break free from her past, and thus the name Jenny, but her friends will not stop calling her by her former nickname. She believes that Eric is the only person who calls her Jen 1). There is also the version of herself which she calls “Jenny-In-Danger” that came about after her disappearance when she was 7, as she explains in her letter to Eric.

Jen's parents are divorced, or at least separated, as she explains to Eric that getting them in the same room would be nearly impossible 2). The fighting between her parents goes as far back as when Jen was 7, as she explains in her letter to Eric about her disappearance.

Jen's writes in cursive, which is a stark contrast from Eric's straight, all-caps handwriting. Her marginalia commentary is either in blue, purple or orange ink and is cursive. The blue ink signifies the original conversation between Eric Husch and Jen, while the purple takes context in the future. Eventually, Jen and Eric Husch begin using what is assumed to be the same felt-tipped, black ink pen which appears for the first time on the front page, which may also mean they are together when using it.

Jen also seems to be in paranoia, according the purple writing, with talks about fires around her apartment and fear of Ilsa Dirks tracking her down.

Jen seems to be struggling with some emotional baggage from a recent ex-boyfriend, Jacob. She reveals early on that he broke up with her via email while on vacation at the beach after a serious, three year relationship. His blase attitude regarded the relationship causes Jen considerable anger even months after the breakup. He continues to worry about her and even goes to her parents with concern about her schoolwork and strange relationship with Eric, though she repeatedly demands that he get stop trying to interfere in her life.

On pg. 376-377, we find a letter from Jen to Eric which details the story she has told Eric earlier about the time she disappeared in the woods, pg. 100-101. But we find out the real truth as does Eric, and he is angry/feels betrayed.

Relationship with Eric

Jen first comes to know Eric after she writes in his book that she found while shelving at her library job, which turned into a daily correspondence between the two. At first, their relationship is marked by sarcastic and witty rapport, with Jen often referring to Eric as condescending or arrogant, but after a while she begins to regard him as a true friend.

Jen is canonically smarter than Eric, despite Eric's failure to fully realize or acknowledge this. 3).

By chapter 3, the suspicions that Jen and Eric Husch may have a connection on the romantic side are affirmed with the purple to red conversation that comments on Jen's statement in blue: “Interesting - affection between them is immediately apparent - even in such a strange context.”4)

By chapter 8, Jen and Eric are very serious by now, Jen reveals her jealousy and suspicions of Ilsa. She says to Eric in purple “And don't forget about Ilsa (though I'm guessing you never do.)” to which Eric response with a “??? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”.

By chapter 10, Jen and Eric Husch have moved in together, and seem happy and safe.

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