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Miracle at Braxenholm

Miracle at Braxenhom is the first of V.M. Straka's works and interestingly the first novel where the S Symbol appears.

FXC mentions Miracle at Braxenholm as being a satirical adventure which was the toast of Europe in 1911.

Eric Husch mentions on page 11 that “The three boys who have been hurling chunks of brick at the glowing glass domes..” was similar to a scene in chapter 6 of Miracle at Braxenholm, where there was a huge celebration of the city's first streetlights.

Page 236 of Miracle at Braxenhom was rewarded by @MCrinitus as a result of solving a cryptogram in V.M. Straka's fourth radio broadcast. It appears that the book's main character is named Eule and is trapped in some sort of dark catacomb. Someone referred to as The Shadow Man toys with him attempting to prevent him from leaving. Soare is another character that serves as Eule's focal point. A boat named Ariadne is mentioned as well.

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