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Professor Moody

A professor at Pollard State University who is trying to steal Eric Husch's work on V.M. Straka. He has been working, rather deviously, with Ilsa Dirks on to complete his Straka work. There are hints that he and Ilsa might be more than just colleagues, which might further the contention between him and Eric.

Professor Moody was once Eric's adviser for his graduate work on Straka, but the relationship soon turned sour, causing a rift between the two that evolved into a full-blown rivalry. Jennifer Heyward describes him as creepy and slimy, and Eric agrees, also warning her that he may be dangerous if he knows she is working with Eric on Straka. All we know of Moody thus far is what the marginal annotations divulge, which may not be totally reliable.

Seems Moody may also be having his own affair with Ilsa, which was hinted at before but, with Eric's “I'm aware that they're together” on pg. 95, is confirmed.

Eric mentions Moody likes to quote from Ship of Theseus “Weepin hearts don' lass aseas.” pg.54

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