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 +====== Otto Grahn ======
 +Otto Grahn, film producer, is first referenced in an insert between pages vi and vii.  This letter is dated August 17, 1928, and is address to Mr. Grahn, form V. M. Straka. ​ The letter details Straka'​s disapproval and dismissal of Grahn'​s film, considering it insulting and a complete misrepresentation of the novel. ​ Straka specifies, "If it were in my power, I would set fire to every extant print of your film." ​ Straka encourages confidentiality,​ and does not degrade the film publicly, and asks for the letter to be burned after reading.
 +In footnote 2 of chapter 4 on page 114, the letter that was inserted between pages vi-vii is quoted. ​ Caldeira references Straka saying, "Every writer must stand behind his work...and do so completely forever..." ​ In this footnote, Caldeira cites Grahn as being Swedish, and reveals that Grahn, rather than burning the letter, published it in a magazine (unnamed) and thus, "​earned Straka'​s eternal enmity."​
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