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Postcards From Brazil (inserts)

The first postcard is found between pages 112-113, dated April 12. Eric Husch begins using the idea of birdwatching as a metaphor for his search for F.X. Caldeira. The post script advises the reader to destroy the postcard after reading.

The second postcard is found between pages 178-179, dated April 15. Eric Husch has made progress in his research, saying, “People here say they saw the nightingale, but don't remember specifics, not even where she nested.” Eric Husch's bird watching code indicates that he has found people who know of F.X. Caldeira and he is getting closer to finding her.

The third postcard is found between pages 190-191, dated April 18. Eric Husch reports that someone has seen “the bird,” meaning F.X. Caldeira, but her location is still further South.

The fourth postcard is found between pages 192-193, dated April 19. Eric Husch has found a family who know of a “very old nightingale” and say that people are protective of her. They believe Eric Husch has good intentions with his book and offer to take him to see the old nightingale the next day.

The fifth postcard is found between pages 200-201, dated April 20. Eric Husch has found F.X. Caldeira, and says she is old and sometimes forgets notes. He says he will be returning on the 23ed.

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