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Pages about content in the world of S. that is outside of the worlds of Ship of Theseus.

In August of 2013, there was a video/trailer released on the web which previews Abrams' “Mystery” project. S. #1 Teaser Trailer which was released online in September of 2013.

Jen and Eric both attend Pollard State University (PSU), which is fictional, founded in 1914, with the school symbol resembling a coat of arms with the letters PSU inside of its shield and antlers on its top. A fleur-de-lis is also on the shield at the top. A Pronghorn, closely resembling an antelope and native to North America, seems to be the school's mascot.


There are various codes throughout Ship of Theseus (book) including the #19, which is very important, and shows up often - number of sailors on The S, etc. As well as the rail fence cipher mentioned on pg. 332 by footnote #1 in Chapter 8. At the end of the chapter, Jen decodes the 19 rail fence codes to read as “HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED THINKING ABOUT HER HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN ANYONE ELSE A CHANCE”.

Helpful with Eötvös (Decoder) Wheel,

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