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Standefer Hall

Standefer Hall is the English building at Pollard State University, located in the North Campus area between Lakeview Dr. and University Dr. across from the Mallon Planetarium. It houses English classrooms as well as offices for English graduate students and professors, including Professor T. Wright Professor Moody.

The bottom floors of the building were vandalized in January 2012 by Eric. The incident was reported by The Daily Pronghorn, where police lieutenant, Tommy Crompton, stated that a blunt object such as a sledgehammer or brick was most likely used to bust pipes and water fixtures throughout the building, causing massive flooding that all but destroyed halls, offices, research equipment and computers. The police also stated that no alarm sensors were triggered, meaning the vandal had a key to the building, which Eric had access to as a graduate student doing research under Professor Moody. The vandalism cost months of work, and even Ilsa Dirks had lost parts of her students' final exams.

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