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V.M. Straka

The mysterious author of Ship of Theseus. Straka is linked to crimes of sabotage, espionage, conspiracy, subversion, larceny, and assassination. Although the book claims Straka inspired renowned writer, Ernest Hemingway, there is no documentation to uphold the statement. His death in 1944 1) is shrouded in mystery, although it was rumored that he was being targeted by secret police from France, Norway, USA, USSR, and Germany which might have played a role in his demise. The tragic and dramatic Havana story, in which Straka summons Caldeira to Havana in 1946 to hand over the final chapter of the book in person but is killed before he could do so, is confirmed as a fabrication designed to boost sales. 2)

Straka was also known to be very protective of his work, and did not take kindly to less talented individuals interpreting it incorrectly, as is evidenced by the author's Letter from Straka to Mr. Grahn to the filmmaker, Mr. Grahn.

According to Filomela, Straka enjoyed listening to Carmina Burana, a musical rendition by Carl Orff of the classic collection of poems, while he wrote, a practice she later adopted as well.

Straka also authors several other works.

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