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Victor Martin Summersby

An American pulp novelist and screenwriter.

Another candidate for the “true identity” of V.M. Straka.

Eric Husch had formerly managed to acquire through various means 1) a tape Summersby recorded before his death in which he made a full confession of being the true V.M. Stratka. On page 64, Eric explains the tape, saying that it was recorded on a liner the night before his death. It was noisy so it was hard to hear, but it was very detailed; Summersby said he was Straka and that Torsten Ekstrom helped him with the first book. However this tape was evidently stolen by Ilsa and is in the hands of Professor Moody, leaving Eric and Jen with only a transcript.

Summersby also is known for writing Fantasy/Scifi styles. 2)

Summersby's lawyer's daughter's attic
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