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-[[The Black Nineteen]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​{Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]]+[[The Black Nineteen]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​[[Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]]
-not much known about this+It is thought that [[The Black Nineteen]] may have been a confession of sorts for all of the crimes that [[Straka]] may or may not have committed.  
 +The structure of [[The Black Nineteen]] is mimicked by //​Interlude//​ in [[sot/Ship of Theseus]]. 
 +On page 262 of Karst'​s English edition of [[The Black Nineteen]] includes a identical description of Princip, a real life assassin of the archduke (of which [[Straka]] was allegedly involved).((300))
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