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 ====== The Santana March ====== ====== The Santana March ======
-[[The Santana March]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​{Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]]+[[The Santana March]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​[[Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]] 
 +According to [[Eric]] there is a man in a photo from the film shoot in this book who looks remarkably similar to the "bald and sun-blistered head sailor"​. 
 +Also according ((page 32)) to [[Eric]] Chapter 2 of [[sot/Ship of Theseus]] The Drifting Twins is based on [[The Santana March]]. 
 +Ruined maps and compass are present in this book ((page 43)). 
-p. vii 31 37 43 65 114 
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