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 ====== The Spotted Cat ====== ====== The Spotted Cat ======
-[[The Spotted Cat]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s {Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]]+[[The Spotted Cat]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s {Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]] ​that apparently has to do with the "​ancient and flawed geometries"​ or the Nazca Lines.
 apparently deals ith the nazca lines? apparently deals ith the nazca lines?
-55 90 189+There is a reference ((page ​55)) to [[The Spotted Cat]] noting the "​Plague Morning"​ section of the priest'​s monologue in Part IV. [[Eric]] supplements FXC's reference continuing that the priest "​credits faith in '​spider god' for the village'​s survival.  
 +[[Jen]] hides reading this book when Professor Moody walks by. ((90)) 
 +[[Eric]] states ((189)) that this book would most likely fit into either a Fantasy or Scifi genre.
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