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The Square

The Square is one of V.M. Straka's other works.

In footnote 1) F.X. Caldeira mentions a character named “Franzl” from The Square. FXC says that he is spotted emerging from Lake Michigan five days before the Haymarket Square massacre. Eric Husch corrects her stating that Franzl crawls out of Lake Michigan ten days before the massacre, not five and he sneaks into Chicago rather than being spotted.

Eric Husch notes 2) that a line from the text is taken verbatim from page 88 of The Square “They radiate an unmistakable potential- and perhaps even a taste- for violence.”

Eric Husch makes another note 3) stating that a whole paragraph had its details taken from The Square.

Eric Husch makes yet another note 4) about pages 66, 101 and 119 with a section underlined on how it relates to The Square.

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page 88
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