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 ====== The Square ====== ====== The Square ======
-[[The Square]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​{Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]]+[[The Square]] is one of [[Straka]]'​s ​[[Straka'​s Other Works|other works.]] 
 +In footnote ((page 70)) [[f.x._caldeira]] mentions a character named "​Franzl"​ from [[The Square]]. FXC says that he is spotted emerging from Lake Michigan five days before the Haymarket Square massacre. [[Eric]] corrects her stating that Franzl crawls out of Lake Michigan ten days before the massacre, not five and he sneaks into Chicago rather than being spotted. 
 +[[Eric]] notes ((page 75)) that a line from the text is taken verbatim from page 88 of //The Square// "They radiate an unmistakable potential- and perhaps even a taste- for violence."​ 
 +[[Eric]] makes another note ((page 88)) stating that a whole paragraph had its details taken from [[The Square]]. 
 +[[Eric]] makes yet another note ((page 95)) about pages 66, 101 and 119 with a section underlined on how it relates to //The Square//. 
-p. 70 75 88 95 
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