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Válcav Straka

A factory worker for Novacek & Sons Fabrication, born in 1892 in South Bohemia, and apparently committed suicide in Prague on October 30, 1910 by jumping off a bridge into a river at the age of 19.1)

Válcav is theorized (among others) to be the “true identity” of V.M. Straka. This claim is largely based off of the convenience of name, and largely dismissed using the “Shakespeare argument” that Stratka clearly had to be an individual of some education. Further evidence suggests a connection to others who are theorized to be Straka which gathers them in Prague that day, under pseudonyms of rebel organizers from the novel.

A man named Rybarik claimed to know Válcav from the factory, and said he was madly in love with a girl whose name he could not remember. According to his account, her rejection was the reason behind Válcav's suicide, but the claims were never proved and this mystery girl never came forward.2)

artifact inserted between page 68 & 69: photocopy of a newspaper article written in Czech about the suicide
pg. 72, Eric's black notes
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