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Horst Wechsler

Protégé to Reinhold Feuerbach, as well as speculated to have been Feuerbach's lover. 1) Due to this connection Jen and Eric Husch assume Wechsler to be a member of The S.

Wrote some dispatches for anarchist publications in Spain in the 1930s. Feuerbach's journal indicates that while in Dublin he once worked on a novel that was never published.

Wechsler vanished from Dublin in 1940 2) his whereabouts after this were unknown until Jen found evidence he had fled to the Netherlands under the cover of the occupation3). Wechsler resurfaces in a photograph of the Board of Directors of Arp Syndikat in 1948 under the name “Gernot Klein,” having apparently defected from The S.4)

Jen suggests Nemec to be Wechsler's narrative stand-in in Ship of Theseus.

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