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The Agents are the discreet enforcement units tasked with carrying out Vévoda's will all around the world. They are a later incarnation of the Detectives from B----, though some of the Detectives are still alive and active as respected members of the Agents.

Throughout the novel there are various agents of Vévoda mentioned. Each is in the book only briefly, and their sections end with their deaths at the hands of S..

Agents #9 and #41: Two agents sent into P– to eliminate a man and a woman issuing a radio broadcast about the Boss. The two decide defenestration is ideal for their targets, but as they enter the room both agents are killed by poisonous darts.

Agent #4: After killing the archduke Agent #4 is killed on a train bound for Budapest. This is presumably done by S (character) or at least a bearded man who is “sure to keep his valise dry,” and “its contents safe.” 1)

Agent #34: Only described posthumously at the Edinburgh coroner's. While his cause of death is listed is cardiac arrest, it is revealed that an S. agent, presumably S (character), swabbed an “untraceable poison into his hatband while it hung from a rack in a crowded, dimly-lit Grassmarket pub.” 2)

Agent #26 (YOU): Described in second-person to create a sense of the way Vevoda's agents operate and feel. The agent is killed, presumably again by S (character) before he even realizes it. Lost in a daydream while riding a bus he doesn't notice “the tingling sensation across [his] thigh,” as his “vision dissolves into kaleidoscopic smears of color.” 3)

Agent #47: Poisoned by S (character) through a grapefruit he was eating at the breakfast table in his hotel suite. The two share a brief exchange before his poisoner sighs and “crumples a page.” 4)

Agent #8: Again presumably killed by S (character) in a particularly painful way described as “more suffering than any one person should have to endure,” but it is implied that this particular agent is responsible for the death of Corbeau. 5)

Agent #2: Killed by S. “in the driver's seat of a Cord 810 that is parked in the dark at Fort Point and registered in the name of a man who has never existed.”6)In his dying breaths he half taunts, half intstructs S. to go to The Territory and find the governor.

Agent (#1): One of Vevoda's oldest and most trusted agents, he is assigned to Vevoda's son. He is at the chateau at the end of the novel. His face and voice are described as almost completely generic and “are meant to be forgotten immediately.”7)

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