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Arquimedes de Sobreiro

Author of The Archer's Tales, the book Sola/Szalómé is reading in the bar in the Old Quarter when S. first sees and meets her. The book though is found to be fictional and nonexistent, but Jen finds out that Sobreiro may have been on a Portuguese ship that wrecked in 1619 in the Azores on pg. 49. Other evidence for his existence is jail time by Sobreiro in a Stockholm jail in 1624. Jen also finds a document in the Toronto Review for History and the Humanities, 1954, citing/discussing The Archer's Tales. It also goes by another name El Libro de S (“The Book of S”), which seems to relate what Sola is reading to many other things at once including the novel Ship of Theseus (book) and S. the novel.

S discovers from Khatef-Zelh that a painting that S believes is of a young Sola depicts a woman that the people in Khatef-Zelh's city call “Samar.” There are many stories about Samar, and in some she is the lover of a sailor named Sobreiro.

On pg. 292, S. is reading through a large volume called with the blackscript S on its spine. In the drawings of what he believes of the ship he has been taken captive, The S, he thinks he can make out the name Sobreiro on the hulls of the many pictures of the ships.

When S. is in the Winter City, he is summoned to an apartment complex by an anonymous contact that is revealed to be Sola. On the front of the apartment complex is a plaque that reads “From this Building Fell ARQUIMEDES DE SOBREIRO TELLER OF TALES January 9, 1625”

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