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 +====== Khatef-Zelh ======
 +Khatef-Zelh is a young girl encountered by [[s|S.]] in the city at war.
 +Khatef-Zelh first seen helping to move important pieces of art into a bunker owned by the resistance when S. arrives. After S. spots a painting of a young [[Sola]], he asks Khatef-Zelh who she is. Khatef-Zelh explains that the painting is of a woman named Samar, who is sometimes said to have been the lover of a sailor named [[Arquimedes de Sobriero]].
 +After S. is able to escape the city in order to get back to the [[Mysterious Ship]], he sees that the city is leveled by some sort of fiery bomb. He is unsure as to whether or not the resistance'​s bunker would be able to resist the blast, leaving her fate in doubt.
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