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The younger of the two protestors whom S. meets. He has unruly dark hair and a patchy beard. He is initially suspicious of S. and believes he is a mercenary for Vévoda.

Pfeifer twists his ankle during the escape through the caves in Chapter 5, chooses to remain behind to buy S. and Corbeau time, and is presumably shot by the pursuing Detectives of Vévoda.

Later, S. discovers Pfeifer is now living as governor of The Territory, working with Vevoda under a new name: Nemec and has gained roughly 50 pounds. He reveals that he chose to change sides and “be useful to them” 1) instead of lose his life completely. The governor married a village girl by the name of Molyb whose father led the new villagers to split from the old and work for Vevoda. Together they have four children.

Jen and Eric conclude that Pfeifer is the narrative stand-in for Feuerbach.

pg 358
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