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Ship of Theseus (book)

Ship of Theseus is a novel written by V.M. Straka and published in 1949 by Winged Shoe Press. It's Dewey Decimal number is 813.54 STR, classifying it as Fiction. The title is an apparent reference to a classical thought experiment of the same name. This particular copy of the book is a first edition, originally property of Laguna Verde High School.

It is about a character known only as S.

The Ship of Theseus opens with a man wondering through a city in the rain. The city is described as physically tilted. The people parallel the geography of the city as they too are “tilted” (crooked) in their interactions with one another. The Owner and the Organ-grinder business exchange best displays the character of the city.

We soon discover the mystery man we are following is S (character).

S (character) soon sees a young woman in a tavern whom he thinks he may know. She is Sola. S (character) is knocked out with chloroform and taken aboard a ship against his will run by a crew of 19 men whose mouths are sewn shut, using Whistles to communicate. Twenty including Maelstrom, who is the only member who does not have his mouth sewn shut though S (character) soon discovers he once did.

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