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Sola is a young woman whom S (character) sees in the bar at the Old Quarter and seems to recognize and have a connection with though he isn't sure how or why. In B—, S. sees her again but Ostrero tells him that her name is Szalómé.

When S. first sees/meets Sola in the bar on pg.16 and 21, she is reading a large book called Archer's Tales by Arquimedes de Sobreiro and drinking a drink that reminds S. of a waterspout (pg. 65). She is traveling on a ship called the Imperia.

S. sees a painting of a young Sola in the city under attack., though the painting appears to be hundreds of years old. Khatef-Zelh explains that they call the woman in the painting “Samar,” and that it was probably painted by “the great artist Omar Tisatashar.” Khatef-Zelh explains that Samar was supposedly either the lover of Tisatashar or a sailor who in some stories was named Arquimedes de Sobreiro.

S. spots Sola rowing a canoe in the Territory with the Old Village refugees. There is also a younger version of him in the canoe, though she later states that she did not see him.

Sola is able to find and rescue S. from the Winter City. At this point in his life, his quest to learn about his past and about her has taken a backseat to his mission to destroy Vévoda. She takes S. aboard her own ship, a version of that which he sailed fitting the tradition. She and S. then infiltrate Vévoda's Chateau, where she finds Vévoda and, with S., allow him to leave his cellar.

Sola states that she and S have been together, though not necessarily physically, for a very long time and in a way she is him: they are one. 1)

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