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Ship of Theseus

Pages about content inside the world of Ship of Theseus (book).

Fictional book which resides within S. When coupled with the supplemental material, such as the loose objects and footnotes, make up S. It is written by V.M. Straka and published in 1949. It holds no reference to Abrams or Dorst past the slipcover, thus appearing to be an actual book on it's own without further reference to the real world. Without the supplemental material, Ship of Theseus is capable of acting as its own stand alone-book. As such, it is Straka's 19th and final work before his death.

V. M. Straka

In the world in which Ship of Theseus exists but S. does not, Straka's life is a well known mystery full of conspiracy theories, espionage and assassinations. This is touched on by the additions that turn Ship of Theseus into S.


Caldeira is Straka's chosen translator for Ship of Theseus and several other works despite never having met Straka face to face.

The Real World

In the real world, Ship of Theseus was written by author Doug Dorst who was approached by JJ Abrams with the concept of a book within a book. Ship of Theseus became the book within S..

Further Information

Theseus is a character from Greek Mythology who founded Athens and ruled it as King. He was the son of Aegeus and Poseidon. He had relations with Aethna. He was a founder-hero like Perseus, Cadmus, and Heracles, defeating the foes of archaic religion and social orders. He was considered by Athenians to be their great reformer. His name comes from the same root in Greek that means “the gathering”.

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