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The owner of Vévoda Armament Works, a factory for naval weapons. The town of B—– prospered due to the factory. However, he started to bring in foreign workers and lock them off in a section of the factory for a mysterious purpose. When the Zapadi 3 questioned this decision, they disappeared. This started the protest in Chapter 3.

Born Edvar Vévoda V, Vévoda grew up in the town of B—–, but the townspeople knew little about him. Corbeau tells S. that as a child he scarcely left his family's estate and he never associated with any of the other children in town. Even as an adult he is rarely seen, and even on his visits to the factory he stays in his car with dark shades over the windows.1)

Vévoda establishes his operations in a secluded and distant stretch of tropical land known only as The Territory. After discovering vast mineral diposits, Vévoda fortified the region with a deadly private army while he dispatched chemists, overseers, and extraction teams to mine the minerals. Shortly afterwards he occupied the neighboring country who had first attempted to reclaim the Territory.

Vévoda's company eventually grew to fundamentally influence events of the entire world, including starting World War I. Starting some time after the events in B——, he lives in his secret hideout, the Chateau. His son, Edvar Vévoda VI, was to be announced as his successor to a large crowd of military leaders and heads of state, but was killed after drunkenly insulting their guests. Vévoda is first seen in the wine cellar, letting guests sample his rare collection. He has white hair and a matching beard and a fierce contempt for birds. He is last seen walking upstairs to check on his son.

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