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 ====== S. Wiki ====== ====== S. Wiki ======
-This is a Wiki site dedicated to understanding ​the novel //S.//, created by [[J.J. Abrams]] and [[Doug ​Dornst]]. +This is a Wiki site about the novel //S.//, created by [[real_world/​j.j._abrams|J.J. Abrams]] and [[real_world/​doug_dorst|Doug Dorst]]. 
 +Anyone can edit this site. Students in [[http://​|ENGL 451A: After Books]] should first [[?​do=login|log in]] so it's easier to locate your contributions later. 
 +The content on this site is organized into three categories (what this software calls "​namespaces"​),​ to reference the three basic textual levels or worlds in which content exists in and around this novel. These three categories are: 
 +  * **[[sot/​sot|Ship of Theseus]]**. This is the story content of the novel in the box -- a world in which a man wakes up in a city without knowing his name.  
 +  * **[[s/​s|S.]]**. This is the story content around the novel -- a world in which two college students write in a copy of //Ship of Theseus//​. 
 +  * **[[real_world/​real_world|The Real World]]**. This is the world we live in -- the world of [[real_world/​j.j._abrams|J.J. Abrams]] and [[real_world/​doug_dorst|Doug Dorst]]. 
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